Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tories further delay decision on 3T MRIs - Liberals

FREDERICTON – The Alward Conservatives will not be moving forward immediately with the installation of 3T MRIs in New Brunswick’s leading hospitals; something that didn't sit well with the Opposition Liberals today.

Opposition Health critic, Bill Fraser, welcomed news today that the government is finally at least discussing 3T MRI technology for New Brunswick’s health care system.

However he is concerned that Health Minister Dube has made no clear commitment or timeline for adding new diagnostic machines to the health system.

“Liberals fully supported our medical experts on this issue, who say that 3T MRIs are the necessary equipment for our leading specialized care hospitals in Moncton and Saint John," said Fraser. 

“The health minister today announced she is forming a committee. It’s just a shame it took them almost two years to even discuss this. It was examined near the end of the previous government’s mandate. 3Ts are needed now in Moncton and Saint John." added Fraser.

Minister Dubé has not stated whether both Moncton and Saint John will receive 3T MRIs, or when they can expect to be installed at the hospitals.

Instead, Minister Dubé announced that a review committee would be put in place, but not report back until October 31, 2012.

“Minister Dubé has already wasted 18 months. We hope she’s not using this review committee as another political tactic to stall for more time," said Fraser. 

“This is necessary equipment – machines that our medical experts and leading hospitals are waiting to use. Minister Dubé needs to ensure they are going to be put in place right away.”