Letters to the Editor

Monday, 30 April 2012

Mayoral candidate Hayes calls for environmental leadership

FREDERICTON - Today in Carleton Park, mayoral candidate Matthew Hayes launched his platform plank on Clean Water and Air to an audience of residents and stakeholder groups. He wants to ensure that City Council protects the quality of the water and air in Fredericton.

“We’ve got some of the purest water in Canada, and I want to keep it that way,” says Hayes.

Hayes believes Fredericton should be taking a leadership role on areas of environmental concern, such as shale gas exploration. “Two weeks ago, City Council voted to ban shale gas exploration within city limits, which did nothing to change the status quo,” Hayes says.

Fredericton relies on underground aquifers for its drinking water, and this source goes beyond city limits. Hayes says that this means Fredericton needs to be aware of what is happening outside of the city.

“We need to recognize that Fredericton does not exist in a bubble. What happens outside our region can affect us negatively, which is why we need to take a strong stance against risky industrial development throughout the province.”

Thus far, the election has been about public transit, the neighbourhoods that are being built, recreation opportunities, arts and culture, and other areas of public interest. It all contributes to the quality of life in Fredericton, Hayes says.

“The state of our water and air is essential to our quality of life,” Hayes says. “As mayor, it would be my priority to protect it.”