Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fredericton mayoral candidate Hayes wants to preserve Fredericton's heritage

Matthew Hayes, mayoral candidate for Fredericton, spoke in front of Marysville Place today as part of his platform point launch on Arts and Culture. Preserving Fredericton’s heritage is among his top priorities, he says.

“Fredericton is defined by its wonderfully rich culture and heritage,” Hayes says. “I feel strongly about preserving it, both for the benefit of those who live here and the tourists we can attract to our region.”

He pointed out Marysville Place as a great example of preserving Fredericton’s heritage.

“This used to be a cotton mill, and was slated for demolition. It stands as a testament to our shared past, and is now the centre point of the Marysville community.  Could we imagine Marysville without Marysville Place?”

He also discussed the potential for an Arts Advisory Committee that could advise City Council on arts and culture in the capital city.  “There is a great deal of expertise in the local arts community that City Council should engage and tap into.  It will expand our horizons,” says Hayes.

Currently, the City of Fredericton Municipal Plan has a Culture and Heritage section that calls for the creation of such an advisory committee. That said, the committee is inactive, having met only once.  “This limits our potential to make new developments reflect the cultural and artistic heritage of our city,” he says.  

In addition, the growth of the francophone and francophile communities in Fredericton provides an opportunity for the city to project a truly bilingual arts and culture scene.  “The Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne has an important cultural agenda that serves our city well, and provides cultural opportunities unique to our region.”