Letters to the Editor

Saturday, 21 April 2012

New Brunswick Liberal Women's Commission is ready to move forward

FREDERICTON – Getting women more women involved at all levels in the Liberal Party in order to combat provincial and federal Conservative government policies that are negatively affecting women and children was one of the main topics of conversation at the Biennial meeting of the New Brunswick Liberal Women’s Commission (NBWLC)  in Memramcook. 

“Women make up more than half of the population and are our voices are not being heard.  Based on current government policies and budgets, it’s clear the interests of women are not being well represented,” said Wendy Robbins, Past President of the NBWLC (photo right).  “Getting involved with the NBWLC is an important way for the women of our province to communicate with the leaders of a Party that represent our views and will hold governments to account.”

The NBWLC heard from four potential provincial Liberal leadership candidates and the consensus was the provincial Conservative government’s budget cuts to Social Development, Health, Education and the Women’s Issues Branch will hurt many people in our province but particularly women.  The group was encouraged to hear the candidates’ future plans on policy and operational opportunities within the New Brunswick Liberal Association and eventually government. 

Dominic LeBlanc, Member of Parliament for Beauséjour (photo left), also outlined some of the devastating policy directions the federal Conservative government is trying to implement or change through budget cuts, changes to Old Age Security and Motions by backbench Conservative Members of Parliament.

Based on the presentations from the leadership candidates and Mr. LeBlanc, the NBWLC voted unanimously to do further in depth analysis on recent federal and provincial government decisions and the impact these will have on women in our communities.  After the Alward Conservative government eliminated the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, the NBWLC feels they have a responsibility to provide this information to the public.

A new NBWLC Executive was selected at the meeting and they are ready to work with and, in the spirit of renewal, advance the ideas of the NBWLC and create a stronger organization across the province.  The members are: Véronique Arsenault (President), Sylvia Sargent (1st Vice President), Carmel Robichaud (2nd Vice President), Anna MacDonald (Secretary), Olga Ross (Treasurer), and Wendy Robbins (Past President).

“It is an honor to have been selected as the NBWLC President. I'm looking forward to learning from and working with the incredible women who makeup the NBWLC. The depth of experience and knowledge coupled with new ideas, new energy and a renewed purpose will make for wonderful progress in the coming months and years,” said Arsenault.  “As the Liberal Party continues toward renewal, the NBWLC will play an important role in engaging and encouraging women.  Only together can we make the difference that we seek. I am very excited to take on the position of President to this important group to the New Brunswick Liberal Association.”