Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Possible scandal with Deputy-Premier Robichaud: Oppostion doing its job - Boudreau

A brouhaha has broken out in Legislature the past few days after an anonymous letter was sent to the Opposition Liberals alleging Deputy-Premier Paul Robichaud is being investigated by the RCMP for attempting political interference in a criminal matter involving his brother.

Interim Liberal Opposition Leader Victor Boudreau has been vociferously calling for the resignation of Robichaud on the floor of the House until the RCMP investigation is concluded. Question Period this morning was a raucous exchange between Boudreau, Robichaud, Premier Alward and Justice Minister Marie-Claude Blais. Robichaud has vowed he won't resign, Blais said it's a matter for the police to handle and Premier Alward, who said yesterday he was unaware of the investigation, supports Robichaud. 

Although the Liberals posed other questions on different matters in the House this morning during Question Period, Boudreau was asked if such a spectacle of back and forth between the parties over Robichaud doesn't distract from getting House business done, and contributes to the public's cynical view of politics. He responded in the video above.