Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Candidate for mayor Matthew Hayes on recycling and waste management

Mayoral candidate Matthew Hayes celebrated Earth Day on Sunday by holding a trail clean-up event on the corner of University Avenue and Beaverbrook Street. This event also launched Hayes’ platform plans on Recycling and Waste Management.

His plan is to prolong the life of Fredericton’s landfill by implementing green infrastructure throughout the city.

“The benefits of making Fredericton a greener city go beyond helping the environment,” says Hayes. “For example, we could create ‘green-collar’ jobs simply by creating a composting program that can generate public revenue.”

Currently, Fredericton’s plan does not include recycling for apartment buildings. Hayes wants to address this by consulting with apartment building owners on making this possible.

“We shouldn’t be leaving this much of the population in the dark on recycling, because our landfill has limited space,” Hayes says.

Hayes’ plan also addresses issues such as the lack of accessible drop-off points for toxic and electronic waste. Overall, though, Hayes wants to make Fredericton a more sustainable city.

“I see plenty of opportunity here to make Fredericton greener,” Hayes says. “As mayor, I would work to make those opportunities become realities.”