Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gathering of people left out of the 2012-13 budget

MONCTON - Under the lighting of candles, 70 citizens met during the evening of April 17th, in front of Assumption Place in Moncton to say NO to the 2012-13 budget presented by the Alward government.

Contrary to what our government pretends, that budget does not rebuild New Brunswick together. Tens of thousands of people are excluded because there are no improvements for them. Nothing is projected to increase the income of poor parents so they can feed their kids better. There is no help for single parent families. Worse even, compared to last year, the NB government reduced by 7.5 million dollars the money estimated to cover social assistance checks.

The gathering, where prominent people spoke, where groups sang, where poor people made testimonies concluded with a dialogue between a leader and the crowd. People present became more aware that poverty kills.