Letters to the Editor

Monday, 16 April 2012

Hayes wants better management of water and sewer rates

FREDERICTON - Fredericton mayoral candidate Matthew Hayes has released the details of his platform on the city’s water and sewer rates.

“The residents of Fredericton are going to experience several water and sewer bill increases over the next five years,” Hayes says. “This could be avoided by implementing practices that are up to date with the 21st century.”

These practices include managing stormwater through natural drainage, which is considered by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Best Management Practice for urban spaces.

Hayes says that this practice will limit insurance costs while maintaining the costs of normal maintenance.

“Our community deserves cost-efficient management of water and sewer systems,” Hayes says. “As mayor, I would pave the way to make this possible. Everybody wins in this scenario—we just need to make it happen.”