Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

City of Fredericton launches campaign to stop leaking toilets

Logo for leaking toilets campaign FREDERICTON – The City of Fredericton is providing information to homeowners designed to detect and fix leaking toilets. The end goal is water conservation and water bill savings.

The information, which will be included with water and sewer bills mailed to homeowners during April, May and June, includes a brochure called “Water Loss & Your Toilet:  Are you Flushing Your Money Away?” and a blue dye test strip. The paper test strip can be dropped in a toilet tank to determine if there is a leak. The brochure includes information about leaking toilets and suggestions as to how to fix the problem.

The details of the campaign were provided to members of the City’s Public Safety & Environment Committee, by Kathy Edwards, the City’s wellfield protection officer. The initiative is being spearheaded by the City’s water utility.  

“Our drinking water is a valuable asset that shouldn’t be wasted,” said Coun. Eric Megarity, Chair of the Public Safety & Environment Committee. “It is important that we all take the required steps to conserve this important resource.”

Leaking toilets represent a major source of residential water loss and are often the first suspect when a water bill takes an unexpected jump. Detecting leaks can be accomplished in a number of ways and information in the brochure helps customers make that determination.  

Included in the quarterly water bill will also be a special dye test strip. With simple instructions on use, a home owner peels the dye strip from the card and drops it into the back of the toilet tank. If after 20 minutes the water in the bowl turns blue, this indicates that there is a leak in the toilet.

Fortunately leaky toilets are often easily repaired and local hardware stores and plumbing supply stores can provide advice and the parts to repair the toilet. In some cases, a professional plumber may need to be contacted to provide the repair.

Additional dye test kits and brochures are available for city residents, who may not receive a City water bill, but are still interested in checking to see if their toilet leaks. Similar results can be accomplished with a few drops of food colouring in the tank of the toilet.  For more information, contact the City of Fredericton Engineering and Public Works Department at 506-460-2038 or publicworks@fredericton.ca