Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hayes formally in Fredericton mayoral race

FREDERICTON - Coming off of a jam-packed launch at the Cedar Tree Cafe, Matthew Hayes has formally submitted his nomination to run for mayor. 

Friday, March 30, saw a standing room only crowd packed into the Cedar Tree Cafe, while the Alex Bailey Swing Band played to an energized group of supporters and well-wishers. 

Hayes followed the band with a speech in which he articulated his vision for the city. Hayes said, “Fredericton needs to change its current path. Fredericton has been developing on an outdated model, one that does not reflect the changing demographic and realities of the 21st century.”

His ideas will be explained in more detail in the coming weeks on the campaign website, hayesformayor.ca

Hayes' campaign will be releasing his twelve Great Ideas for a Great City through the coming weeks, starting with Complete Communities and Open and Transparent Government in the first week. 

Each release will be accompanied by a campaign event occurring during the week.