Letters to the Editor

Monday, 7 May 2012

Survey hightlights where Fredericton municipal candidates stand on the environment

FREDERICTON - The Fredericton Chapter of Conservation Council Action (CCNB Action) have probed candidates running in the upcoming municipal election to discover where they stand on the environment.

“These questions are no-brainers. We are heartened that there are candidates who are standing up to protect what is natural, diverse and special about our city,” says Tracy Glynn, CCNB's Forest Campaigner and Fredericton Chapter member. “Waffling on any of these issues demonstrates a lack of attention to the concerns of Frederictonians and the urgent need to act now to stave off catastrophic climate change and multiple threats to our local ecosystems and health,” adds Glynn.

Tyler MacKenzie, a chapter member, says, “An election is a good time to review our goals and vision for our community. We've been watching Fredericton continue down a typical 20th century development path, heedless of the mounting environmental, social and economic pressures of the 21st century. We are now at a position where we really risk sleepwalking our way into and unsustainable, unhappy and uneconomical future – a fate we could avoid with an ambitious, visionary city leadership. I think a growing number of Frederictonians are concerned about these issues and think the candidates in this election would be wise to address them with a greater priority.”

• A  moratorium on further development in the UNB woodlot?
• A ban on the development of the city's small parks?
• Revising zoning regulations to favour better urban planning and prevention of urban sprawl?
• A ban on the use of cosmetic pesticides in Fredericton?
• Responsible waste management including recycling access for apartment dwellers, support for composting and accessible bottle return on the downtown southside?
• Improved transportation policies including more accessible public transit and more bike lanes?
• A ban on shale gas development in the city and a public position against the industry in the province?
• Enhanced public participation and peer review processes in planning decisions?

The candidates were also invited to submit written explanations of their positions. In summary, 13 of the 28 candidates running in the municipal elections responded to the survey; 12 of 17 challengers or non-incumbents (70%) responded and only 1 of the 11 incumbents (1%) responded.

The responses of the candidates can be found by clicking on the candidate's name below.

List of candidates and their responses to the All Candidates Survey on the Environment

Brad Woodside; Mayor; incumbent

Dan R. Keenan; Councillor Ward 1; incumbent (acclaimed)

Bruce Grandy; Councillor Ward 2; incumbent

Mike O'Brien; Councillor Ward 3; incumbent (acclaimed)

Phil S. Ackerson; Councillor Ward 4
Eric W. Megarity; Councillor Ward 4; incumbent

Steven Hicks; Councillor Ward 5; incumbent

Marilyn K. Kerton; Councillor Ward 6; incumbent

Scott McConaghy; Councillor Ward 7; incumbent

A.M. (Sandy) DiGiacinto; Councillor Ward 8

Stephen A. Chase; Councillor Ward 9; incumbent (acclaimed)

Marven Grant; Councillor Ward 10
Stephen T. Kelly; Councillor Ward 10; incumbent

Misty McLaughlin; Councillor Ward 11