Letters to the Editor

Friday, 18 May 2012

Critics pan government's shale gas proposals yesterday

Liberal environment critic Denis Landry weighed in yesterday with his opinions on the government's shale gas proposals, saying a month of public consultation isn't enough time for the New Brunswick people to have their say. He questioned why the government seemed to be rushing things along after it taking two years to get to this proposal stage.

Meanwhile, New Brunswick NDP leader Dominic Cardy compared the province's situation to Quebec where tough regulations were brought in but failed to control industry when well drilling problems arose. Lack of adequate monitoring personnel was also a concern for Cardy, and he questioned what the government is working on to help New Brunwickers in the immediate term, rather than pegging hopes on an industry that hasn't materialized yet.

Tracy Glynn of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick was on hand for the government's presentation of proposals yesterday, saying none of the regulations matter because scientific research has proven the industry isn't safe, and called for an outright ban on the shale gas industry in New Brunswick.