Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chase appointed Deputy Mayor in Fredericton

Stephen ChaseFREDERICTON - Stephen Chase, City Councillor for Ward Nine (Odell Park/Parkside Drive), was appointed Deputy Mayor for the City of Fredericton at the regular Council meeting of May 28, 2012.  

Elected on May 12, 2012 to serve Ward Nine, Deputy Mayor Chase was acclaimed to his second term on Fredericton City Council during the 2012 municipal elections.  He is Executive Director of the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation and a former Vice-President for Government Affairs with the Atlantic Salmon Federation.

“During his first-term on City Council, Mr. Chase proved himself as a good councillor; serving the residents of his ward and the interests of the City as a whole in a professional manner,” said Mayor Brad Woodside.  “I was pleased to nominate him as Deputy Mayor for consideration by City Council.”

Deputy Mayor Chase is the past chair of the City’s Development Committee. He has also served as a member of the City's Finance & Administration Committee, the Community Services Committee, the Negotiations Liaison Committee, the Coleman Frog Dream Team, the Fredericton Tree Commission, the Local Improvement Association for the Fredericton Botanic Garden, and the Preservation Review Board. 

He was also the City’s representative to Le Centre Communautaire Ste-Anne and the Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick, and has served as City Council’s liaison with the City’s namesake ship, the HMCS Fredericton.

Deputy Mayor Chase is a former provincial civil servant, and has worked in the departments of the Treasury Board, Justice, and Health and Community Services. He has extensive experience in intergovernmental relations, policy development and directing major government programs. He has negotiated and administered several federal/provincial and inter-provincial agreements. He also served as Executive-Director, Government Relations with Canadian Blood Services in Ottawa.

Prior to being elected to City Council he served as Chair of the Planning Advisory Committee and as an elected school trustee for several years. He is also a past, long-term member of the Rotary Club of Fredericton.  He holds degrees in Law and Arts (Biology) from the University of New Brunswick.  

Deputy Mayor Chase and his wife, Denise, live in Fredericton. They have two sons, Allen and Marc.

Deputy Mayor Chase, who was away for the May 28 regular Council meeting, was sworn into office at the May 15, 2012 regular Council meeting.  He will serve as Deputy Mayor for the term May 28, 2012 to May 27, 2013.