Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fredericton Ward 6 council candidate LeTourneau hosts event

Running for Fredericton City Council's Ward 6 in Barker's Point, candidate Ian LeTourneau held a meet and greet event last evening in the Ramada's courtyard. Called "Ian at the Inn", he sat down with prospective constituents and heard more about their community concerns. 

Having already knocked on every door in the Ward, LeTourneau is already familiar with what's on the minds of the community. But last night was to get to know people better, and talk to those he missed on the campaign trail.

Curiously, his opponent in the ward, incumbent Marilyn Kerton also attended LeTourneau's event to see what he had to say. LeTourneau welcomed Kerton to the public event, saying it was, "open to anyone who wants to attend."