Letters to the Editor

Friday, 25 May 2012

Byelection in Rothesay riding announced

FREDERICTON  – A byelection will be held Monday, June 25, in the provincial riding of Rothesay, Premier David Alward announced today.

The byelection will fill the vacancy created in the riding following the resignation of former MLA and cabinet member, Margaret Ann Blaney.

She cited personal reasons for the resignation due to an impending divorce and childcare issues.

Shortly after the announcement she was leaving government, Premier Alward appointed Blaney CEO of the Crown corporation, Efficiency New Brunswick.

The posting stirred the ire of the Opposition Liberals, charging the Alward government ignored it's own government hiring freeze, and made no attempt to find the person best-qualified for the job.

The New Democrats also condemned the appointment as, "...another example of old-time patronage that is holding our province down." 

Currently, the Progressive Conservatives hold 41 seats in the legislative assembly, the Liberals hold 13 seats, with 1 seat vacant.