Letters to the Editor

Monday, 21 May 2012

Prince Charles plays some shinny today in Saint John

The Prince of Wales was game enough to jump into a little shinny with the kids today during the last engagement on the New Brunswick leg of the Royal Tour. Visiting the Hazen White-St. Francis school to take in it's innovative programs for underprivileged children, the Prince and his entourage were walking past the game in the school parking lot on the way to unveiling a plaque, when he decided to join in. Although the Prince didn't get much play, he stayed in the game when cheered on by the crowd. His persistence paid off, showing excellent form when he got a pass, and sent the ball into the net for a score.

The Prince outshone his son, William, on the shinny stage today, choosing to join in and play rather than take a few staged shots, as the younger heir preferred last year when visiting the Yukon with wife Catherine. Charles has upped the ante in the shinny stakes, making some wonder if William will now have to take the plunge and play next time he's in Canada.