Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rock the Vote music festival now on

Listen to your favorite Frederictonian musical artists rock the stage before you rock the ballot boxes in the upcoming municipal election!

Many of the candidates in the upcoming municipal election have local matters in mind. They support local arts, culture and community events, as well as a bright green future that involves more connected, creative and collaborative communities. These candidates are young and creative themselves, and know what is important to today's youth and young, growing families.

If you are passionate about maintaining our city's rich cultural heritage, and helping develop it's potential, come have a drink with your local mayoral and council candidates - and let them know what you want to see in our great city!

Support a new council so they can support your values!

If you are a venue or performer interested in helping promote civic engagement and ensure a strong local arts scene, please contact one of our hosts, or email ecofredericton@gmail.com.


Wednesday, May 9th, 9p-1a
@ The Capital
$5 cover (all to the musicians)
Courtney Mills, Cedric Noel (of Redwood Fields), and Jaclyn Reinhart

Thursday, May 10th, 7p-9p
@ The Snooty Fox
By donation
Mike Bravener, Andre Faust & Chris Smissaert, and Kendra Gale

Friday, May 11th, 9p-1a
@ Mazerolle Gallery (in the Backstreet Records building)
$5 cover (all to the musicians)
Adam 'Coyotito' Keating, Cedric Noel, and the Matthew Pearson Band

Saturday, May 12th, 9p-1a
@ the Cedar Tree Cafe
$5 cover (all to the musicians)
Anthony Gray, Jessy Ashfield & Camilo Villamizar, and Mike Peters (of Lancaster Heat)

Sunday, May 13th, 9p-1a
@ Fusion Nightclub (formerly F-Studio)
$5 cover (all to the musicians)
Bryan Foglia, Evans McGee, and Dj Bamberger

All proceeds go to performers. Support local talent!