Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A plea to help protect the Nashwaak

ACTION ALERT!  Protect the Nashwaak from inappropriate development. Please consider the information below and send your opinion and/or the sample email to the following distribution list. Please forward this email to others in the watershed and beyond.. It is important to reach as many people as possible, and to act NOW.

 Send to:  nelda.craig@gnb.cabruce.fitch@gnb.ca, denis.caron@gnb.ca, perry.haines@gnb.ca, kirk.macdonald@gnb.capam.lynch@gnb.ca
Please copy to: wuestL@nbnet.nb.ca if you wish your email to be included in a show of public support for a  private citizen's request for official classification of the Nashwaak.

To read more about the history of government inaction on protecting the Nashwaak, go to:


The Nashwaak is a treasured pristine watercourse. In 2003, The Nashwaak Watershed Association submitted a proposal to classify sections of the Nashwaak Stream that would have provided the Nashwaak with protections of its high quality (Class A) water under the province's Clean Water Act. Government inaction in finalizing the regulatory process on Clean Water is infringing on the right of residents of the watershed to protect the quality of their water against detrimental development. The classification regulation of the Clean Water Act requires any industry to formally consult the Nashwaak public for permission to lower the quality of any portion of the stream before proceeding. I do therefore respectfully request: 

  • that the NB government do all necessary data collection and analysis to finalize the classification of the Nashwaak stream as requested by the Nashwaak Watershed  Association in 2003 (see the attached map).
  •  that the NB government enforce the Regulations of the Clean Water Act by requiring any company or individual seeking an exemption to the requirements of the current classification, or seeking to lower the classification of the Nashwaak Stream, to formally solicit public approval through plebiscite (public vote) within the watershed.
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