Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hayes unveils platform for stronger local economy

FREDERICTON - Today, mayoral candidate Matthew Hayes unveiled his platform for a stronger local economy that fosters meaningful business opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Hayes says that diverse local businesses make Fredericton’s economy stronger.

“We have an opportunity to promote healthy, smart development of Fredericton’s economy,” says Hayes. Subsidizing an economy that can be found anywhere else undermines Fredericton’s special qualities and hurts Fredericton’s economy.

Locally-owned businesses keep more money in our community, and help make our economy more resilient. Hayes wants to see City Council update the city’s zoning policy in ways that will encourage development of local businesses.

“Because the city is years late on a required zoning by-law review that would allow limited mixed use development, we’re missing out on opportunities for entrepreneurs in neighbourhoods throughout Fredericton,” says Hayes.

Hayes intends to elaborate on these ideas during a Wednesday evening debate against incumbent mayor Brad Woodside. The debate is coordinated by the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce.