Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Having a voice in the decision-making process

By Gaetan Savoie
Fredericton City Council candidate Ward 5

I was on my way to Saint John this morning to meet a client and I happened to be listening to #InfoAM on CBC with Terry Seguin as the host. He was doing an informative interview with three previous city counselors. The one thing that struck me is that all three agreed with the comment that there is a general feeling in the city that people do not feel they have a say in decision making. Decisions are being made that affect our communities but the constituents have no say.

I realized that it is one of the reasons that is motivating me to become a City Counselor. I plan to leverage technology (Social Media) and hold town hall meetings to improve communication amongst our community to ensure our voices are heard.  My blog on Crocket street traffic generated numerous constructive comments and that is what I want to see and hear from the people of Marysville. Municipal elections affect our day to day lives and I hope the individuals of Marysville see the benefits of coming out on election day and voting for me. I have your best interests at heart!

What is best for our community? Let’s decide together… collaboratively. This won’t be the actions of an individual but that of a community!

You can read more of Gaetan's thoughts on what he would do on city council at: