Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Connecting the dots between climate change and NB's extreme weather

FREDERICTON - On May 5, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick is joining tens of thousands  around the world to "connect the dots" on climate change and extreme weather. Called Climate Impacts Day, the public is invited to attend Saturday, May 5, from 11am-1pm at the NB Sports Hall of Fame. Bring bring your snorkel, masks, swim trunks, or life jackets for a photo.

  Featured speakers on what climate change means for New Brunswick, include:
- Carl Duivenvoorden, Al Gore-trained motivational speaker
- Jim MacLellan, UNB professor specializing in climate change impacts
- Eddie Oldfield of the NB lung association on health impacts of climate change
- Greg Lynch with interactive displays and activities on the Climate Change - Bus from Falls Brook Centre.

"The main message of this event is that climate change is not someone else's problem, so we need to act. New Brunswick is, and will continue to be impacted by a changing climate. I hope people will attend to learn about the actions we can take right here in our own province," said David Coon, Executive Director of CCNB.

As a coastal province, New Brunswick faces significant risk of increased coastal flooding. Here in Fredericton, bigger and more frequent floods of the Saint John River are expected. Climatic conditions that currently favour native species such as the balsam fir, New Brunswick’s provincial tree, will dramatically change resulting in increased threats from pests, disturbances and invasive competitors," says Jim MacLellan, professor at UNB with expertise in climate change impacts and adaptation.

The Fredericton event will conclude with a photo being taken by the “green”, with event participants holding up ribbon showing three historical flood levels with the message “Three, 100-year floods, in 20 years.” Participants will don snorkel masks, inner tubes, and swimming trunks to create a captivating visual representing one impact of climate change in Fredericton.

International Climate Impacts Day, to “connect the dots” on extreme weather and climate change, is organized by 350.org, an international, grassroots organization working to address climate change. The Fredericton event is presented by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB).