Letters to the Editor

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Fredericton city councillor Jordan Graham resigns from Ethical Oil lobby

FREDERICTON - Fredericton Ward 11 councillor Jordan Graham has resigned from his recently acquired post with Ethical Oil for family reasons.

With his term on city council coming to an end this month, Graham had signed on with Ethical Oil, a lobby group that advocates countries use oil from Canada's tar sands rather than conflict oil from oppressive regimes around the globe. However, citing his wife's career commitments, Graham decided to give up the post and remain in Fredericton with her.

Graham's position involved running the group's online blog, EthichalOil.org, where it's About section describes it's role as, "...rebutting inaccurate and unfair criticisms of the oilsands...engage it's readers: inviting them to write letters to their local newspapers, call talk radio stations and suggest ideas for Access to Information requests to expose the network of anti-oilsands lobbyists who meet regularly with Environment Canada officials."

It seems, however, the group is unaware Graham has resigned since his name is still on the blog as being in charge of maintaining it.

The soon-to-be-former councillor for Ward 11 UNB/East End had two articles just recently in the Globe and Mail making the case for ethical oil before handing in his resignation.

Ethical Oil is aligned with controversial Canadian writer and businessman, Ezra Levant, an outspoken right-winger who is known for his dislike of the Middle East.

Levant wrote a book entitled Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada's Oil Sands, arguing countries should use Canadian petroleum products rather than those from OPEC countries because Canada doesn't oppress it's citizens or violate human rights.

CNN's Ali Velshi began the blog as a way to promote the ideas in Levant's book.