Letters to the Editor

Friday, 2 March 2012

Street name something out of Mad Men era

Like the antiquated and patronizing word "dear" from fifties-themed TV show Mad Men, the term secretary hasn't been used for a few decades now either. But tell that to Fredericton's city fathers who, judging by this street sign down by the Legislature, are still back in the days of crew cuts, narrow ties and smoking in the office.

The word secretary connotes a mid-last century stereotype similar to that of a "girl Friday" taking dictation in shorthand, and transcribing it on a manual typewriter with an erect posture a la Don Draper's latest assistant du jour; the little woman assisting the all-important male boss. But when truth be told, she's the one that truly does all the work and makes him look good.

Surely to show its appreciation for the administrative assistants of all genders working in and around the Legislature - still making their bosses look good no doubt - the city could find a more modern and appropriate name for this street. Fredericton afterall has been named a Smart city.