Letters to the Editor

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Scenes from flood zone in Victoria county today

FREDERICTON - Record water levels caused flooding in Northwestern New Brunswick's Victoria County today. Unseasonably warm temperatures all week rapidly melted ice along the Upper St. John River, causing flood conditions in the communites of Woodstock and Hartland with Perth Andover being hardest hit. Schools were closed, businesses were shut down and the population evacuated as water tipped into Perth's downtown and beyond.  (Photo credits: WAGM TV and Victoria County Flood Watch 2012)

View of Perth Andover from the air

Perth Andover from the air

Covered bridge in Hartland

 Downtown Perth Andover

 Bridge downtown Perth Andover

Ice run in Perth Andover

 Floodwaters reach doors at Service NB office in Perth Andover

 Flood waters in Perth Andover reach to the edges of a STOP sign

Ice forces water onto the road in Perth Andover

 Home is flooded in Perth Andover

More water forced onto the road by ice run in Perth Andover

 Church in Perth Andover flooded

 Businesses get flooded today in downtown Perth Andover

 Flood waters overflow their banks and seep into downtown Perth Andover today

 Ice flows under the bridge in Perth Andover today where flood waters hit the downtown

 Perth Andover hospital, above, was evacuated due to flooding today 

Southern Victoria High School in Perth Andover was evacuated of students and staff due to flooding today

Ice caps build on the Meduxnekeag River near Woodstock

Ice overflows onto the road shoulder from the Meduxnekeag near Woodstock today as record flooding occurred in Victoria county