Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Premier encourages New Brunswickers to run in May 14 municipal elections

FREDERICTON (CNB) – The following statement was issued by Premier David Alward in the lead-up to the municipal, district education council and regional health authority elections being held May 14:

New Brunswickers serve their neighbours and fellow citizens in countless ways. They provide valuable leadership each day.

On May 14, New Brunswickers will have another opportunity to make a difference in their communities and shape the future of our province when they elect mayors, councillors, district education council representatives and regional health authority board members.

I encourage New Brunswickers to consider running for these important grassroots positions for a first time or once again.

We all want a better future for our families and our communities.

Your talents, your experience, and your unique perspectives can be extremely valuable for the development and health of our communities.

Choice is the foundation of the democratic process, and New Brunswickers are best served by a broad selection of candidates.

If you are interested in helping your neighbours shape the present and future of your community, I encourage you to learn more about the process and consider stepping forward as a candidate.

At this important moment of change, challenge, and opportunity, your leadership can help our province move forward. Please consider this opportunity to make a difference.