Letters to the Editor

Friday, 2 March 2012

Letourneau going full on into "election mode" next week

Letourneau Facebook messaged this publication a correction of his Twitter feed:

"...oh, the perils of 140 character communication... I'm actually in Ottawa all next week, Travelling there this weekend, staying whole march break...I'll definitely be kicking it in high gear when I get back."

 - he is in Ottawa for March break and will be electioneering when he returns the following week, beginning March 12.- ED.

Fredericton city council ward 6 candidate Ian Letourneau is planning to amp up his election bid next week.

"Off to Ottawa this weekend, and then, when I get back, I turn fully into election mode," said Letourneau today via the social networking site, Twitter.

Letourneau also posted where he could be found on Facebook to follow his campaign:

Anyone wishing to volunteer to help Letourneau in his run for city council can go to the Facebook page, or his website: http://ward6fredericton.blogspot.com

Letourneau can be followed on Twitter through his address @ianletourneau