Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Windsor Energy goes over head of Hampton council to seismic test - protest today

Today at 3:30 pm there will be a peaceful protest in Hampton by concerned citizens worried about seismic testing happening in the area. Yesterday, Hampton residents spotted geophones (devices that detect shale gas from the ground) belonging to Windsor Energy set into the ground within town limits.

It is understood by this publication the Hampton council was to vote this evening on whether to approve Windsor Energy's application to seismic test within town boundaries. However it seems testing has already begun since the geophones have been placed. Sources say Windsor Energy went over the head of council and got a permit from the Department of Transportation to go through Hampton along the Trans-Canada highway, which is well within town limits.

We tried contacting Windsor Energy Corp. based out of Calgary, Alberta. However, we only received an operator recording that stated the number was not in use at this time.

Provincial media said Windsor Energy is a new company that formed only last year. We wanted to speak to Windsor Energy to ask if its managment is aware other shale gas companies suspended seismic exploration, and whether it will also, or if it plans to continue operations. We also have an inquiry in to DNR on the situation.

The protest set for today was organized by concerned citizens who want bring attention to the issue because they disapprove of shale gas exploration in Hampton. The demonstration will be located at  the Hampton sign "It's Our Nature" one kilometer before the Hampton exit on the Saint John side.

There is no intent by protesters to block any company vehicles or equipment. All action will be within the law.

UPDATE:  According to sources on the ground in Hampton, Geokinetics trucks have been seen in the area doing seismic testing, whether it is for Windsor Energy has not been confirmed. This publication contacted SWN Resources and it remains committed to it's unilateral halt to further exploration. Therefore, it is assumed Geokinetics isn't doing exploration for SWN, since that company was contracted out by SWN.

RCMP has also provided an escort for the company, and CBC is reportedly in the area.