Letters to the Editor

Friday, 14 October 2011

Why we do what we do - a note of appreciation from a reader

Lately we've been feeling a bit frustrated by our situation as bloggers in the province. We seem to be in limbo on the journalism scene, with not many taking us seriously as reporters since we have no oversight body. It makes us wonder if we're most often seen as a joke instead of honestly trying to provide a community service, especially when the mainstream media doesn't often credit us for work they get from us. Complicating matters is this attitude towards bloggers comes from some of the very people who ask us to cover their events, or they thumb their noses at us completely. It is understood why this could happen as we are not established yet, but it damages the working relationship nonetheless because we are all striving to make our province better. Those who do support us are treasured.

So, last evening, as we perused our mountain of e-mail, this pearl jumped out at us. We we read it with gratitude and appreciation that someone we don't even know took the time to acknowledge our work.

"This message is certainly not one of urgency. I just want to send you a kudos. Prior to meeting your insightful reporter at the sidewalk protests against shale gas, I did not have much in the way of faith in this province. I now see this province is worth saving. Your publication has made me aware of many other issues in addition to shale gas that are of great importance; that receive very little coverage from mainstream media. Keep on doing what you're doing, it is well worth it."

Strength in solidarity, 

Harry Wadman

Our faith has been restored and our efforts redoubled. Thank you Mr. Wadman.