Letters to the Editor

Monday, 24 October 2011

Our shale gas reading list

Some excellent articles have been sent to us by readers as of late. We are trying to plow through them as best we can, but can't always get to everything. So, we thought we would publish the links for your perusal, in order that you may inform yourself, or others, on the subject of shale gas. We added a description of the material to accompany each link. Happy reading everyone!

Below is a link to an excellent article on the current Mining Commission hearings regarding Penobsquis by Lawrence Wuest. Mr. Wuest has attended several of the hearing dates and lends an informative background with this article from the NB Media Coop:


This next article is also from the NB Media Coop. It is an editorial by Chris Walker about the sturm und drang of capitalism vs. environmentalism:


Two articles were submitted to us from Upstream Online, an oil and gas industry publication. The articles can be accessed if you get a free trial offer for a few weeks. They are worth your while since they speak directly to industry players that can affect investment in the industry in NB.



This article was written by respected American environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr. discussing the mobilization of corporate spin on shale gas. It mentions the biggest player here in the NB shale gas industry, SWN Resources, in a positive light:


We will be adding more to our reading list as time goes on and will share them with you. Thank you. - ED.