Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Charles LeBlanc on charges being deposed on same day - Part 1

Blogger Charles LeBlanc pleaded not guilty in a Fredericton courtroom yesterday, presided over by Judge Mary Jane Richards, on the charge of breaking the Fredericton city by-law of biking without a helmet.

A ticket was issued to LeBlanc for the infraction back in June, but was paid anonymously. Richards wondered aloud how an anonymous individual could know about the ticket. LeBlanc responded he posted a picture of the ticket on his website.

"You posted it on a website?" asked Richards incredulously.

Although the ticket was paid, LeBlanc was at the court in application to dispute the charge in order to face his accusers, something there is no legislation for. With no opposition from the Crown, it was left to the judge's discretion on whether to hear the matter. Richards granted LeBlanc's application.

The judge set the trial date on the matter the same day as LeBlanc's trial on another charge, that of driving his bicycle on a sidewalk.

Since he is representing himself, LeBlanc was concerned about how he would prepare for both on the same date. He asked Richards, "How will we manage that, your honor?"

Peering down at LeBlanc, Richards said, "We'll manage," and moved on to the next item on the docket.

The trials are set for February 29, 2012, starting at 2 pm.

Below is LeBlanc discussing his future court dates and other matters.