Letters to the Editor

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Former mayor of Dish, Texas lectures on town's experience with shale gas industry

Large crowd on hand today at UNB's MacGlaggan Hall auditorium to hear Calvin Tillman lecture on his experiences with  the shale gas industry while he was mayor of Dish, Texas. 

Provincial shale gas caucus member Armand Paul introduces Calvin Tillman today for lecture on the shale gas industry at UNB's MacGlaggan Hall.

Calvin Tillman gets a standing 'o' before beginning his lecture on the shale gas industry today at UNB's MacGlaggan Hall.

An ariel view of Tillman's former hometown, Dish, Texas. The white dots are shale gas hydro-fracturing well pads.

Many in the crowd at the Tillman lecture today took notes.

Ways you can contact Calvin Tillman. (Click on the picture for a bigger, clearer view for Tillman's contact info)

Former mayor of Dish, Texas, Calvin Tillman discussed his experiences with the shale gas industry during his time in office at UNB today.

Some members of the provinces Natural Gas Group came out to hear the Tillman lecture at UNB today. Above, Angie Leonard, left, and Annie Daigle, right, take their leave of the auditorium after being singled out by citizens.  

Tillman writes his approval of the Say No To Shale Gas symbol that has become a common protest sign in the province's anti-shale gas movement.

A Liberal opposition member's communications assistant takes notes from documented evidence of shale gas industry violations brought by Tillman to his lecture. 

Tillman did autographs after speaking.

Tillman is interviewed by media after his lecture.

- photos by Cheryl Norrad