Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Report on the Corn Hill Protest

Press release

CORN HILL - The residents of Corn hill and surrounding areas publicly protested today the invasive activity of  a shale gas seismic exploration crew in their neighborhood. The residents blocked one lane of Route 890, centering on the seismic line that has been cut through their community, with a long line of tractors, trucks, cars and sign-carrying pedestrians.

"We've come out today to make it clear to this exploration crew, and the company that hired them, Corridor Resources, that we are not interested in having shale gas exploration in our community," said Jane Bradbrook, a local resident. "There are numerous potential dangers to our land and drinking water from this seismic activity, and it is very disappointing that the companies and the provincial government are not listening to our concerns."

The seismic exploration crew arrived in the Corn hill area last week, much to the consternation of local residents, to begin exploring for natural gas trapped in the shale rock beneath Corn Hill and the surrounding area. The seismic exploration line bisects the Corn Hill valley, through several private properties and a much-used community pasture.

"I'm worried that the seismic exploration crew is not is not being as forthright as they should be," said Karl von Waldow, a dairy farmer and landowner in Corn Hill. "I had to seek advice from my lawyer when I discovered the exploration crew trying to clear along a "right-of-way" that doesn't exist on my land. My lawyer has advised them to cease and desist, because property documents don't support their claim that there is a right-of-way that they can access. How can we be assured that the companies involved have respected the rights of landowners."

Bob Osborne, owner of Corn Hill Nursery, is concerned about the effect this activity could have on the quality of the plants that he sells at his nursery. "I've been growing high-quality organically-grown plants, shrubs and trees on this property for over 30 years. The potential effects of this seismic activity on our water could be ruinous for my business, not to mention the health of my family."

Corn Hill is a rural agricultural and residential community northwest of Moncton, in southern New Brunswick. It is a pastoral area of rolling fields and farm. The principal economic sector for the area is agriculture.