Letters to the Editor

Sunday, 4 September 2011

That's it Jacques, we're calling you out

(Photo: Charles LeBlanc)

Twice now, CBC provincial affairs reporter Jacques Poitras has used information first mentioned in this publication without citing where he got it. The first time, our interview with CBC News about MLA Kirk MacDonald discussing a referendum in a Taymouth meeting June 15, was hi-jacked by Poitras, who used information from it that evening on the broadcast in discussion with host Harry Forestell. We were nowhere to be seen or mentioned. The second time was today. On Twitter, Poitras made a comment that would only be possible after viewing our video with Shawn Graham on the shale gas issue in NB. Again, Poitras didn't mention this publication had that information.

We realize many in the mainstream media sniff at bloggers and we are not considered 'real media' (at least that was the general consensus during Mr. Poitras' class we attended while studying journalism at STU). Yes, we actually have graduated from a recognized journalism program. Bloggers are now here in New Brunswick and we aren't going away. Local mainstream media can get on board with that and accept us as part of the media landscape, or get out of the way. (See The Economist July issue for the future of the news industry: http://www.economist.com/node/18928416)

Those in the industry who consider themselves 'true journalists' are sticklers for crediting the work of others lest they be labelled plagiarizers, something we have experienced, and were on the receiving end of Mr. Poitras' strong opinions about a few years back. We took Mr. Poitras' words to heart, which added to a burden already on us that nearly put us under. Would that we were as perfect as Mr. Poitras.

So imagine now, our shock at learning a person we truly admired for their work, professionalism and ethics, who preached journalistic integrity, is using our work without giving us a modicum of credit. It seems he has no respect for what we've uncovered on this issue, and dismissed us when we brought up our displeasure with him privately a few weeks back, saying if we didn't like it we should get out of the blogging business.

Our question is, what is so wrong with giving credit where credit is due no matter what the source? In an earlier Tweet today, Poitras cited something from the Globe and Mail, giving that publication credit as a source. CBC has also credited local blogger Charles LeBlanc as a source of information in the past and Poitras himself has done a story on LeBlanc. Obviously Mr. Poitras has a problem with us. What it is we don't know, but we're tired of his hypocrisy.


  1. Not surprised. Poitras has a reputation for having a nasty streak.

  2. Very interesting indeed. Thank you very much for pointing this out. As you say, he has become a very respected source to many after a lot of hard work and also cultivating a lot of "good sources", but perhaps his "success" has gone a little to his head. I guess we always have to be a little skeptical of everything we read in the media, no matter the source.

  3. Remind me never to cross you.

  4. Poitras was right. You're not journalists, you're not media. You're activists with a blog.

    -- AF

  5. Corporate and government media are the most biased and least reputable of all media. Bloggers, journalists, reporters are all part of media or the infotainment business.

    I would trust an independant blog over any government or 'traditional' media source.

    One example is NATO comitting war crimes in Libya. Not a mention on mainstream news.

    How about the Libyan 'rebels'? These rebels are the same people labeled as Al-Qaeda. They fought against NATO in Afgahnada only to be armed by NATO to fight Qaddafi Duck. Again not mentioned.

    Another story that MSM does not talk about is that these same 'rebels' are killing blacks en masse right now, and completely sanctioned by NATO. Yes NATO is allowing genocide in Libya for the sake of oil and water.

    Or how about the story about the 'rebels' are not one cohesive group but in fact waring factions who have called in NATO air strikes to bomb an opposing rebel faction, telling NATO command that they are Libyan Government.

    MSM media has failed to report any of this because they are part of the national and global disinformation campaign to keep the public dumbed down and misinformed. They make a living out of trumpteing government and corporate agendas and keeping us in a constant of fear.

    Without independent journalists in the form of traditional media and alternate media, none of this would be known.

    On a local level, the Purple Violet Press is being attacked by MSM and its supporters because she is a threat to their way of doing things.

    Mikel is 100% wrong when he says go big or go home. You can go as big or small as you want, right from home if you want.

    People need to get with the program. Most of the comments on here are from people who think of themselves as rather intelligent when in reality they are dumber than dirt.

    Jacques Poitras is 100% in error on this and needs to man up and offer an apology and credit to Cheryl. Him or any of his supporters are in disagreement and in my opinion should be in the dust bin.

    Cordially yours,

    The Mad Ape

    ps Cheryl...the best thing that ever happened to your professional career was getting away from that bird-cage rag. Yes, you made a mistake but you owned up and moved on. Let's see is Jacques has the guts to do the same thing.

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  9. Sounds good, see you in Moncton..

  10. Has anything came out of Poitras corner about this allegations? it's great somebody actually is bugging him for once.

    You should get your camera out and tape him on copying your information and why he did it.

    As for Jesse grow up if you want to talk like that go do it in your own house. Nobody needs to see that crap on here