Letters to the Editor

Friday, 23 September 2011

NOTICE FROM MANAGEMENT: Comments are suspended

Comments on this blog have been suspended until further notice due to the many inappropriate messages submitted to management for publication. Although we outlined our requirements to comment on stories on this blog in our policy section, many have not respected it. Therefore, we have no choice but to shut the service down.

We are sorry we can no longer provide this service to readers who have made informed comments in the past, or want to in the future, pertaining to the subject matter. Unfortunately, the environment has been poisoned by those who have a mental illness and aren't aware of it, or are aware of it but have refused to seek treatment for it. We call it a mental illness because there can be no other explanation for why someone would write such hateful things towards other readers and staff. This blog refuses to be a forum for those who want to exhibit their twisted brand of hatred by putting someone else down to make themselves feel better, using the excuse of calling it debate or constructive criticism. It is nothing more than a form of bullying done while hiding under the veil of anonymity. It's pathetic and cowardly. We are not going to allow it here.

We hope our regular readers will understand and stick with us for information about shale gas, and where possible, other issues of interest. If readers would like to make informed comments regarding subject matter on the blog, a letter-to-the-editor is welcome. Please see our policy guidelines above for that.

We thank you.  - ED.

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