Letters to the Editor

Friday, 30 September 2011

Blogger LeBlanc negotiates his way into the PC AGM

Blogger Charles LeBlanc is well-known around the province, but that wasn't going to get him access to the PC annual general meeting today in Fredericton. LeBlanc doesn't hold credentials from the NB Press Association, so organizers weren't going let him report on the happenings at the Tory event taking place this weekend at the Fredericton Inn.

However, that didn't stop LeBlanc as you will see in the videos below. After first trying to negotiate his way in, then being denied access - whereupon LeBlanc threw a fit and threatened to invoke his sway with the Premier - it was decided he would be granted admission to the event. Since LeBlanc is a member of the PC party, organizers let him in on that basis, but with the proviso he behave as a civilian, not a blogger taking pictures and video. This placated LeBlanc and he happily went into the building later in the day.

It remains to be seen whether he can abide by those rules and make it through events without recording himself or others at the convention. As we here at The Purple Violet Press often say to Mr. LeBlanc, "Toi must see everything!"