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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

BREAKING - Blogger Charles LeBlanc in jail

We have just received word that blogger Charles LeBlanc is in jail. Details are sketchy at this time and we're trying to follow up. Below is the message we found in our in-box tonight from a family member of Charles':

"I received a call from Charles and he was at the Black River jail.  He went to court today and they wanted him to sign something stating that he would not go on Westmorland Street and he told them that he lived on that street so the judge sent him to jail until Friday morning when he will decide what to do with Charles. He wanted to make sure I contacted you and that the media are aware. He also said that they have refused to give him his medication."

UPDATE:  Fredericton courthouse confirmed LeBlanc indeed in jail due to being arrested and charged by Fredericton City Police yesterday on one count of disturbing the peace. Charles is currently in the Saint John Correctional Center on Black River Road awaiting court appearance in Fredericton on Friday, September 16, 9:30 am.

LeBlanc had been protesting with a loud bullhorn in front of FPD headquarters for several days to the annoyance of local residents, workers and business owners. He received a warning some days ago, got a ticket earlier this week, and has now been arrested. LeBlanc said he was protesting due to feeling discriminated against by the Fredericton City Police for being poor because he cannot afford fines issued for minor by-law infractions. Others had broken the same by-law but hadn't been ticketed. LeBlanc felt that unfair and led him to believe he was targeted for ticketing as a way for those in authority with whom he has an on-going dispute to get back at him. LeBlanc said his protest would hopefully get him arrested so he could have his day in court on the issue.

Leblanc received a ticketed fine for riding on the sidewalk with his bicycle, a contravention of city by-law. Since many other cyclists in the city do it, LeBlanc felt singled out. LeBlanc said he was given information from an unnamed source that the complaint arose from Dan Bussieres, Sgt.-at-Arms in the provincial Legislature, someone LeBlanc has had a long-running dispute with after being banned from Legislature grounds by Bussieres some years ago. LeBlanc claims he was targeted by Bussieres, who laid the complaint through a friend on the City Police force, Cpl Fred L'Oiseau. According to video footage on LeBlanc's blog, the Cpl gave LeBlanc the ticket some months ago on a downtown street without seeing LeBlanc in the act of breaking the by-law, but issued the ticket based on the complaint to the city.

LeBlanc also received a no-helmet ticket from city bike patrol earlier in the summer for sporting no helmet while bicycling on the train bridge downtown. LeBlanc said then he felt discriminated against because many others were riding that bridge that night with no helmet, but weren't ticketed. 

Leblanc also used old video footage from his website showing government officials breaking by-laws such as jaywalking. Laying a complaint with the Fredericton City Police on the issue, he expected the persons breaking the by-law to get a fine as he did. However, nothing came of the complaint, leading LeBlanc to believe he was being discriminated against as a poor person and having been troublesome to local authorities. So he took to the street in front of the police station, saying he was using his free speech rights to loudly protest the matter.


  1. Good luck Charles! Awfully hard to stay off the street you live on I would imagine! Sounds like they just wanted an excuse to pin something on you!

  2. Thats to bad,but bloggers arent above the law and charles was warned and ticketed.Now he will have his day in court,God does answer prayers if keep asking long enough and charles kept asking ... i wish him the best of luck


  3. There's a balance of rights involved here. Charles sees it as a one way street - ONLY his rights are infringed. Standing outside a business with a bullhorn affects the rights of the people who work there and do business there. They too have a right to complain. Not sure how you get that message across to Charles because he is so focused on himself. Might wish this would be a chance for him to think about it, but that's unlikely. At least he'll get three squares a day.

  4. Despite what Charles might let people believe, he is not, and should not be, above the law. He got warnings, tickets, and plenty of opportunities to clue in, and he didn't take advantage.
    It's about time. If I had to put up with his incoherent bullhorn rants on a daily basis, I would have wanted this about a month ago.

    -- AF

  5. The birds are chirping and people are dancing in the streets down here on Queen!! Here is hoping the Judge has a heart and keeps him in there all weekend so the Harvest & Jazz won't have to worry about that moron showing his face!! **back to dancing**

  6. Too bad, because I don't think he should have been arrested for expressing his opinion, however annoying that may be with a blowhorn on Westmoreland Street - but I have to say Charles asked for it. And I mean he literally asked for it. "Arrest me!" How many times have we heard that? So now that he has his wish, what's he going to do with it? Hope it's not all "me me me"..... A lesson to be learned: be careful what you wish for.

  7. don't let him out!

  8. Where is the Black River jail located?

  9. I love it, people hide behind "anonymous" to say their ridiculous comments. It sounds to me like many of you are actually jealous of Charles because he does what he thinks needs to be done...I didn't think that protesting is against the law? What this is all about is image...you cannot have Charles out there protesting during the Jazz festival...heaven forbid!! Same thing goes for the homeless who get arrested or harassed by police during these events...out of sight out of mind??

  10. Black River is in Saint John I think.. Keep doing what you're doing Charles!

  11. Reminds me of Charlie Veitch being arrested at the G20 in Toronto last June 2010 ... funny how the Charlie's and the bullhorns just go together... Charlie is from the UK .. but he was there with Dan Dicks' from Press for Truth .. an alternative media in Canada with bite.. check out their films on youtube (free)... difference there was the Torontonimo Bay style cage jails they threw about 1,200 activists into (a record for Canada) and the $1 billion spent to police state the city that is concerning.. but if you aren't concerned about being incarcerated for free speech.. just wait til the fascist boot is kicking your door down.. then you might wake up.

  12. He has no one to blame but himself for this. It took long enough but finally some action that proves the self appointed great Charles Leblanc is not above the law.

  13. Nobody has said that Charles shouldn't protest. He has been told time and again just to do it without the bullhorn. He refused.

  14. Someone should probably tell Charles to stop breaking the law. If you're going to be the guy who constantly shows up to protest stuff, you need to be above reproach yourself.

    And not wearing a bike helmet is just stupid given what we know about head injuries today.

  15. Did purple violet get this from jock portrais?

  16. Hey Claudia, here's a comment from behind the anonymous shield, it's debatable who's comment is more ridiculous though, yours or mine.

    Maybe the judge should make Charles get a job and work for a living instead of working on his "blog" 24/7 at the expense of the taxpayer. For someone who claims to be unable to work because of ADHD he seems to have an infinite amount of focus and ability to work on his blog. The irony to all of this is that the bullhorn comes out protesting the very institution that keeps him; our Government. Is this a ridiculous comment? Or perhaps a bit of the truth. The man is a professional victim at the expense of the working taxpayers of New Brunswick. I think people are beginning to take notice of this fact and are getting understandably outraged.

  17. Very good news indeed. Actually got to get some rest after my night shift today, and my wife's piano students didn't spend their entire lessons distracted and questioning the noise from outside our window. I'd stand behind his cause to a point, but everyone knows he went about it the wrong way, and if you don't, you might be as ignorant and hippocritical as he.

    -Queen st. Resident

  18. Fredericton would be a better place if this guy wasn't around. He apparently has enough time to protest and run around town shoving his camera in peoples faces'; but doesn't have enough time to get a job to afford said fines and tickets.

    How about he becomes a contributing member of society and gives up all these childish shenanigans.

  19. @Claudia Protesting because he thinks the Fredericton police force is fascists because he has been "wrongfully" treated isn't worth protesting, especially when he thinks he was wrongfully treated because he was fined for not wearing a bike helmet when the rest of us need to wear one...and then stands down in front of the police station whining about it like a small child...yeah, I think he is exactly where he belongs.

  20. I am afraid he was asking for it. He thinks that the whole world revolves around him. Anyone who tried to help him and he became a nuisance for the person. He must learn that others have rights too.

  21. Hes a disrespectful weird little man who obviously isn't all there. Pay your fines and smarten up fool!

  22. Claudia, we all have a right to protest, but we do not have a right to disturb the peace which means interfering with other peoples' normal enjoyment of their daily lives. Having someone with a bullhorn on the sidewalk going on and on is interference whether you want to believe it or not. Charles really believes that everything is about him and he is ignoring other peoples' rights. He can't see both sides of it because of his own ego issues but a lot of people in this city feel that it's about time he went to jail. He won't pay his fines and yet he can afford beer. He won't listen to anyone so jail is the best place for him. He's not a child.

  23. The jail is located on black river road in saint john new brunswick,all visitors like charles get 3 complimentary meals per day and a bedtime snack,lights out at 11pm and opportunity to smell your roomies farts,hear him snoring,cry for mommy and fight to watch your shows on tv. Oh dont forget a door man,a nurse and quack doctor comes to visit you,i could go on but charles doesnt belong in jail for protesting against fpd. J.A.G

  24. I`ll Gladly help Charles with Multiple Lawsuits! Im PO`ed now! Trying to Stop a Person from Their Charter Rights to Protest! Crooked Cops and Judges all go Hand in Hand!

    Charles will not stop,this will just make Him harder and will not resolve nothing!

  25. I have to think that Mr. Leblanc has likely received many more warnings in his time than he has actual tickets for breaking by-laws. If he refuses to heed the warnings, then he should be ticketed. The warnings are a courtesy, and one should be grateful to get it versus a ticket.

    I've been given a jaywalking ticket before back in University when I barely had a dollar to my name outside of education and living expenses. As poorly as I felt about the officer and his pettiness for giving it to me, I accepted it and paid the fine.

    I would not be surprised if there is a target on Mr. Leblanc's back, and it certainly isn't right that public officials are allowed to blatantly break by-laws when there is evidence they are doing so. That however does not excuse Mr. Leblanc from doing as he pleases at the disruption of others.

  26. Post: 15 September 2011 05:51
    So well said...
    Notable is the fact that Charles LeBlanc covered,then he broadcast the outrageous behavior of Mayor Woodside and his delinquent Chief of Police Barry Mac Knight at the City Council meeting.

    The tantrum of Mayor Woodside was so confusing that Chief Barry MacKnight broke the law in attempting to please his boss and incorrectly forcefully removed Mark D Àrcy (battery and assault) from the meeting

    Suddenly Charles is in jail... there could be a connection here !

    What happened to innocent until found guilty also Charles is not a flight risk !

    Therefore no reason to detain or incarcerate a man who is not a flight risk also blatantly evilis the fact that the Police only have to bring him in front of a Judge so that Charles can be arraigned or promise to appear.

    Look at this outrageous delay.

    I am not a friend of Charles although I do admire his determination.

    Free speech cannot be a reason to claim disturbing the peace.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    The buses roar in and out of down town all day making much more disturbance.

    We must rid our selves of the fascist Mayor and Chief of Police for The City of Fredericton.
    My name is Shawna a Mother of four and worried for their freedom here in Fredericton.

  27. Charles keeps calling him self less-fortunate, but the fact is he is just too lazy to get a real job.

  28. It IS a balance of rights. But ask yourself this, what about the rights of those people who wanted to use the November Square in Tunisia when it was blocked off for protest?
    For those who protest natural gas, what about the rights of those to legitimately practise their business?
    The reality is that laws often have to be broken before the issues are dealt with. It's too bad Charles got fixated on the bicycling stuff, but anybody out there who DOESN"T think that the poor are treated differently than the rich please raise your hand. If you did, you're an idiot.
    But this was tragic in that there was simply no other way for it to end. I'm all for free speech, but what about when EVERY person starts yelling their grievances through a bullhorn.

    And even those who don't like charles should be pretty concerned that it might be true that Charles isn't being allowed access to his medication. That is VERY serious, and even a criminal should not have to experience that.

    Although, by the way, I did post Charles exact quote from his blog when he was ticketed, he ADMITS that he was biking on the sidewalk.

  29. good I am glad you won't have to hear his loud voice downtown anymore. what a joke he has become, what makes me laugh even more is he is so anti quebec but in the same breath he will comment on there bicycle helmet law JOKE

  30. Post:15 September 2011 11:24 Please find your Mother sit down and go over your problems one more time.

    They Thought They Were Free

    `First they came for the communists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.`

    ___________Martin Niemöller

  31. and as for disturbing the peace, one should realize that this was not an isolated incident or even a few times. Charles has been down there bellowing through that bullhorn for over 2 weeks now.

  32. Apparently Charles will lose his welfare while in jail. Be sent for mental assesment and if cleared will not be elgible for welfare anymore. There is heavy clampdown on the poorer of society, the old and students, by this socalled government. More to come. Alward hasn't got the kojones to pull the plug on the govement employed bunch.

  33. I would just like to take a moment to thank the editor of the Purple Violet Press for her neutrality in accepting the readers' comments to this story.

    I can honestly tell you from my own experience this is not how it works on Charles LeBlanc's blog. He carefully cherry-picks which comments he will accept and which comments he will reject in an effort to create the [false] impression that most readers are at least partially in favour of him. Of course he doesn't reject ALL of the naysaysers, as that would make it just way too obvious. But he certainly does pick and choose carefully.

    I know this because I disagree with nearly every claim he makes and I tell him exactly why in my comments. He rejects about 80 percent of my comments because they contain questions, directed to him, that show him the truth about how utterly childish and ridiculous he's being.

    For example, I have asked him how he can help fill a cube van with someone's furniture, take a picture of it, post it on his blog along with the caption "Easiest 80 bucks I ever made!", and yet he can't work for a living. Comment rejected. It reveals truth, but it does not reflect his agenda.

    In my effort to prove that he cannot accept people in any position of authority, I have commented to ask him what bodies or people of authority DOES he respect. Comments rejected. It reveals truth, but it does not reflect his agenda.

    I have asked him why, of all places, does he choose to place the little Quebec flag directly beneath Dan Bussieres's nose. Comments rejected. It reveals truth, but it does not reflect his agenda.

    I have asked him at least a dozen times why he would reject my comment that said I would no longer listen to or support a particular radio station because they aired an interview with him. Comments rejected. It reveals truth, but it does not reflect his agenda.

    I've asked him how he feels OK about regularly using the payphone at an Irving convenience store or posing like a friend for a photo with Jim Irving, yet hate everything Irving's companies. Comments rejected.

    There's more, but I think you'll get the point.

  34. Let's not make a martyr out of this guy. Comparing this to the events in Tunisia is just stoking the fire with quick burning kindling. For those who need a hero, you're welcome to him. For the rest of us, nada.

  35. I didn't compare Charles with Tunisia, I asked a question about the rights of those who DIDN"T protest, and thats a valid question.

    I don't live in NB anymore, so his heroics do nothing for me. However, for 30,000 poor people who had NO rights in boarding houses under the previous Residential Tenants Act, and now DO, he IS a hero. The 'rest of you', of course, don't bother with issues because there is a government and police force that takes care of such issues. Such people also won't like to see the name Rosa Parks, who was also a common criminal who broke the law and was sent to jail for not submitting to an unjust law, but there it is.

    The only unfortunate thing about this whole issue is that Charles KNEW he was going to go to jail eventually. I suggested years ago that if he simply disobeyed the 'unjust law' that banned him from the legislature and walked into the building, he'd have the support of a large segment of the population. Now, well, its pretty obvious he doesn't. And in activism, you need all the support you can get.

    That doesn't change the fact that unlike ANY other NBer in recent history, he was singularly responsible to getting rights to a large minority that had no rights, and for that, he IS a 'hero'. But even heroes make bad decisions.

    And I might add that during that time I tried to get support from dozens of NB organizations and individuals to try to lobby to change the Residential Tenants Act, and it all fell on deaf eyes. That's your middle class apathy, something which Charles at least is not guilty of.

  36. And just to point out, I can't speak for Charles, but I HAVE seen some of the posts he refused to post, and he often has good reason.
    The criticisms above I find hard to believe were rejected without some other reason, since hardly a day goes by that those exact sentiments are not mentioned on some blog post or another.

  37. Really, Mike? You're going to compare Charles LeBlanc with Rosa Parks? Really?

    Thanks for coming out Captain Hyperbole.

    -- AF

  38. I have to agree with "Anonymous @15 September 2011 12:29" Well done on Purpleviolet, for allowing each comment to go through. I have commented on Charles's Leblanc's blog and he chooses what goes up and what doesn't. Good on you!!

  39. I'd like to take the time to commend the PVP for their neutral stance in moderating this post; a refreshing change from that "other" blog.

    As for the poor LeBlanc sitting in a jail cell with a burly man named Bubba (not really, but he's been asking to go to jail for a while now). His ego got the better of him, and now he is paying a heavy price. As I said on numerous posts elsewhere, no one cared he was protesting; but when he went on for months with that blasted bullhorn, it got to the point where people got fed up and reeled him in. Hook, line, and sinker.

    -Agent Green

  40. @Anonymous 12:29 & 15:46,

    There have been comments on this thread we have chosen not to publish because they violate our editorial policy, i.e. profane language.

    We have tried to skate as close as we can to publishing all comments, but some are just too far beyond the pale to give public airing.

    Thanks for reading.

  41. Just for the record, what was out of your policy in my apology and clarification post in a previous thread?

    Anonymous 16:14

  42. "Rosa Parks, who was also a common criminal who broke the law and was sent to jail for not submitting to an unjust law"

    The "unjust law" that Charles is in jail for is disturbing the peace. You think a person should be allowed to stand outside your place of work and shout on a bullhorn for hours at a time over a period of weeks?

    If Charles had left the bullhorn at home, he would be in front of the police station right now, continuing his protest.

  43. @Anonymous 16:51,

    Perhaps we just missed it and it didn't get posted. Could you send it again so we could have a looksee?

    Thanks - ED.

  44. PVP, I want to join the voices thanking you for publishing the majority of the comments you have received. Thanks!

  45. Listen here now...

    Chrles LeBlanc slept in a pup tent in front of the New Brunswick Government Legislature Building for an entire winter to save our children from having Ritalin Drugs forced upon them by the Government of that time.

    Charles LeBlanc is famous far and wide for his determination and as a benefactor for social change.

    Charles LeBlanc is the only reason I could possibly be proud to live in Fredericton Police State.

    Charles LeBlanc is Fredericton!

    I am sorry you empty propaganda heads, that would attempt to convince us that Charles is not a Saint.

    None of you will be remembered!

    Charles will always be significant.

    We must get Charles leBlanc's sorry ass out of jail this is our shame!

    The country is watching this fiasco and we are the disgusting pathetic s that do nothing about it.

  46. If you aren't outraged you aren't paying attention .. telling him to get a job .. saying he has no right to speak out against injustice .. presuming he's happy to be fed in jail ... annoyed by his ever-present bullhorn .. I'm annoyed by the blind sheep paying into a corrupt system that tossed them over years ago in favour of the corporatocracy.. if you must work to imagine you have some 'identity' and 'value' in society .. do it ... but if you don't have a 'good ole tax paying job' please dont' imagine you are better than someone else who contributes to waking up the sheeple ... and by god the average maritimer is fast asleep .. you have a passionate group in Moncton trying to fluoridating water stopped and bearly 200-300 have shown up for that fight .. in a city of 1,000 .. you are a bunch of slaves with masters.. obeying fines and rules that serve to collect revenue but are irrelevant to your true human rights to exist that you were born with is ridiculous ... next rule (like NZ) will be no handing out flyers and DVDs on the sidewalk .. time to round up more activists .. see a picture developing? Its a fascist state ~ that's the truth .. and if you want to keep your head up your arse, go ahead... free Charles Leblanc!

  47. Again,
    It is difficult to respond to a post that is said "anonymous" but I do have to comment on what some have said about Charles getting a job, and some actually celebrating the fact that he might loose welfare? How ridiculous does that sound? Charles has a right to protest and as far as disturbing the "peace"...that's a joke. The students make more noise and parties at night than Charles standing downtown with a blow horn...are they in jail for this...nope. This is a case of discrimination, pure and simple...and it probably has to do with the embarrassing video of the Mayor or maybe of the one posted about those police officers arresting the military man that went to court.
    And by the way, people are not on welfare because they are lazy, jobs are not that easy to get, so if you have physical or mental health issues not that many, if any, employers will hire you. Charles tells it like he sees it, and although he might not be right all the time...he does what most main media cannot do...raises awareness...

  48. @Anon 2:19:

    Time for your to pick up a book and find out what "fascism" really is. Here's a hint: you won't see anything like it in Canada.

    -- AF

  49. Allan Hunter, York Co., N.B.16 September 2011 at 15:09

    No, it's not difficult to respond to anonymous posters. Whether or not they append their names to their opinions makes no difference. Both named and unnamed contributors are expressing their true feelings regardless.

    Those who think Charles could and should hold down a meaningful job don't sound one bit ridiculous, and niether does the idea of him losing his welfare cheque.

    Yes, Charles certainly does have the right to protest - peacfully and without infringing on the rights of others. He was indeed disturbing the peace with his bullhorn, and it is no joke. There's plenty of proof of that.

    Yes, many students make excessive noise at night with their parties, and when reported to police, many of them are warned to quiet down - sometimes repeatedly. Sound familiar? Some drunken, noisy kids do wind up in jail for the night, and that can't possibly be disputed.

    You have allowed yourself to think it is a case of discrimination, because that's how you want the story to be spun. It's juicy that way, and it makes angry, vindictive people feel good - temporarily at least.

    What it "probably has to do" with is niether here nor there. The truth will come out in the trial.

    No, not everyone on welfare is lazy; however, Charles is perfectly capable of working for a living. He's shown us that many times over in his blog, perhaps without even realizing it. The fact that jobs aren't easy to get, is no excuse to stay on welfare for half a decade.

    And to say "if you have physical or mental health issues not that many, if any, employers will hire you" is absolutely ridiculous. First, Charles has no physical disabilities - he's proven that in his blog as well. Second, there are oodles of employers who are ready, eager and willing to place handicapped individuals on their payrolls. As for the "mental" part, I believe you might be onto something there. I'm convinced that Charles has mental health issues, and that he needs treatment for them.

    My question is how in the world can "main media" not raise awareness?

  50. To the noob who told me to pick up a book here's a title for you, you'll have to special order it cos its not gonna be on the book shelf next the 'life and times of tony blair george bush etc' ... Joan Veon's "The United Nations' Global Straitjacket" ... her invaluable work spans many years covering the globalists' meetings and what they are actually doing, the framework is already in place... the fact that most people won't bother to read is the problem (that's not my problem, its your's) ... check out some reality (instead of the confusion you fester in daily) at www.womensgroup.org .. that's right ... not all activists wear a set of balls. Educate yourselves.... and watch the G20 disgrace in Toronto 2010 called "Into the Fire" a documentary by indep. film maker Dan Dicks of Toronto's Press for Truth - indep. media rocks!

  51. As for the USA... if you don't know that fascism has hit you simply are not paying any attention at all... I can't help you with that.. I get all my media from alternative indep. sources... no conspiracy crap .. just what is actually happening on the ground.. a group called codepink.org ... staged a dance in and were arrest at the Jefferson Memorial recently .. full body take downs... I could go on and on ... watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXFfGV2dKwY ... pay attention; be astonished; tell about it [thanks Charles for doing that much.... I am sorry your brothers and sisters sleep]

  52. @14:34
    The fact you would use Veon to support your (bat-s$%t) assertions doesn't really help your claims.
    "The world is being controlled by the British royal family"... what a maroon.

    -- AF

  53. For people that understand geopolitics ~ there are some ... they'll enjoy this article: http://stevebeckow.com/2011/09/david-wilcocks-exclusive-interview-with-benjamin-fulford/ ... Cheers ... Charlie - the righteous dude - keep on keepin on my brother xx

  54. Don't diss Joan Veon's work so fast bucko... http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/Despatch/Vol93_Charles_sustainable.htm .. how many people have even heard of this extensive researcher and reporter.. you'd have to ask yourself why that might be.. perhaps the muzzling of women is your gig -AF .. but I support women whistleblowers.. they operate with a level of intuition and wisdom most men cannot fathom... don't fear the truth.. the truth will set you free.. and yes, William will be the first Rothschild to ascend to the British throne.. this information is all available.. just not broadcast... I'm not batshit.. but you might be disinfo...