Letters to the Editor

Monday, 19 September 2011

NDP's Dominic Cardy at Moncton protest - claims some PC MLA's wavering on shale gas


  1. Seems like a nice guy!

  2. So Dominc Cardy's plan is nothing more than trying to find PC MLa's and change their minds.... Why doesn't he say what the NDp would do in the PC's situation. Don't say what the other guy is doing wrong. Say what you would do right.

  3. Hey anonymous! The NDP position is crystal clear and in our 2010 election platform: the NDP would call for an immediate and complete moratorium on shale gas exploration and drilling in New Brunswick. At the moment, without seats in the house, we're helping out the groups pushing for a moratorium/ban. Let me know if you have any questions - dcardy@nbndp.ca. Take care, Dominic.

  4. Hi Dominic,

    Thanks for the response. But I looked at your party's platform concerning natural gas and mining and this is all I found from the bottom of Pg.37 to the top of pg. 38. I don't see the words moratorium or ban anywhere in this text. If it is in another spot outside the natural gas/mining section please let me know. From what I found, other than the renegotiation you pledged for NB consumers with Enbridge, the rest of this piece takes on a wait and see what we do approach that keeps the voters guessing of your intentions.

    Max D., Saint John

    Here is the text I have copied durectly from the NDP 2010 platform:

    Natural gas and mining
    The discovery of natural gas reserves in southern New Brunswick offers hope for an economically depressed region.
    It also carries significant risks, if exploration and exploitation are not managed in the interests of New Brunswickers and our environment.
    The gas fields offer potential for economic development but exploration must respect the property rights of landowners, the interests of local residents, and the economic interests of the province.
    The NDP supports oil exploration under the above conditions but agrees with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick that the materials used in the mining process must be subject to strict controls.
    The NDP supports mining operations in the province as long as they meet the conditions described above, for the extraction of natural gas.
    The NDP will seek to renegotiate the contract between Enbridge and the province for the provision of natural gas. The NDP will, within the confines of the law, end the monopoly agreement in pursuit of a more equitable arrangement for the people of the province.