Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 22 September 2011

One citizen's reaction to the Clerk of the Legislature's comments on Charles Leblanc



  1. Please do the city of Fredericton and the Province of NB a favor and Challange Charles Leblanc. Do not go out and be a friend of this man who is not a journalist. Ask him why it is ok for him to litter and admit to it on his website and call the men who are at work who see him litter, fat short and other names. Can you please find out why Charles thinks his website with his opinions on it is journalisim. Please, do some real journalism and call MR. Leblanc out on his lack of it. The only way these blogs are going to be viewed as credable is if the ones like Mr.Leblancs are challenged. Maybe do real interviews with Harvest organizers and put positive press out against what Charles says is negative due to his opinion. Thank you I hope to support your media outlet but please challange Mr.Leblanc. Ask him why he censors his blog and censors comments that call him out on his lies and lack of evidence.

  2. I'd really like to know where this guy works so I could parade outside the building ranting nonsensically into a bullhorn for hours on end, week after week.
    Freedom of Expression, don't ya know.

    -- AF