Letters to the Editor

Monday, 19 September 2011

CBC Information Morning: Clerk of NB Legislature responds to Charles LeBlanc situation


  1. Interesting. Charles failed to mention that stuff before.

  2. You're right, he somehow forgot to mention these things on his blog. Funny how that works, eh? I find truth to be so fascinating.

    And I can't wait to hear what's revealed in the courtroom. October 28th can't come soon enough.

  3. Interesting. The The Clerk of the legislature failed to mention the "New details" back in 2006".

    If you listen to the pod cast you can break the reason for Charles ban from the legislature into three components.

    1. His temper tantrums like behaviors (which may be due to ADHD)

    2. His use aggressive of Recording Devices to record his story.

    3. He does not respect authority.

    Out of the three components, only the first is valid for a ban, having said that not a seven year ban, the ban should have only been in place for the one year.

    The second, while Charlies aggressive style may be uncomfortable for some, it does not warrant a ban, the ban for this reason becomes suppression of the press. (As far as the security personnel resigning because they couldn't cope with the perceived pressure of Charles, then that was the best decision that they made, if they are that emotionally weak then security is not the occupation for them, what would they due with a serious threat, Panic?

    The third component, reminds me of a south park episode where Eric Cartman is dressed in a police uniform on his tricycle and says "Respect my authority". This is where the problem lies, it's the issue of authority, not as much as what Charles has done.

    The issue is maintaining the integrity of authority, During the course of a life time I have read more studies and research with respect to authority.

    What I found is that to maintain the legitmacy of authority, the authority will not voluntarily given in to those who challenge it, it doesn't matter if its parent, child relationships, administrative relationships, legal relationship. It always becomes a power struggle, in which only one party walks away from. Charles has challenged the legitimacy of that authority, and those that are involved in maintaining that authority will do everything to maintain that authority right or wrong.