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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Blind item: Frustration in the ranks

Alward government seems to be on lockdown

(Photo: Danielle Takacs: Galloping around the golden horseshoe)

Frustration is growing in the province's media with the Alward government refusing to comment or answer inquiries from reporters on stories ranging from something as innocuous as the first day of school to shale gas.

A discussion took place on Twitter among some provincial reporters over the holiday weekend lamenting the seeming wall of silence thrown up by the ruling party's communications officials on various issues.

Recently, one reporter was overhead voicing frustration at the lack of professionalism on the part of media officers at a particular department: 

"They could at least acknowledge my question with a 'no comment' or something, but these people don't do anything."

Some weeks ago, this publication also vented its frustration with the Natural Resources department for consistently ignoring questions having to do with the shale gas issue in the province:

With today's report of Alward's sagging support among voters, this publication asks if it's wise for the government to be closing its door to the only avenue it has to communicate with the people.

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