Letters to the Editor

Monday, 22 August 2011

Headed to Natural Resources for Comment

This publication received a reply from everyone it contacted today on the story involving SWN's claim of physical assaults on some staff. Everyone, that is, except the Department of Natural Resources. The department's communications team of Anne Bullmonteith and Steve Benteau have often snubbed this publication's requests for statements and information. So we went to their offices at the Forestry Complex in Fredericton. Once again we were snubbed. Why does the Natural Resources department not want to speak to the alternative media in New Brunswick? The optics on the situation aren't good. It forces us to ask, what does the department have to hide?


  1. I would suggest you rethink who hang with (charles leblanc). your guilty by association and if thats true politicians dont need another pain in the ass everytime they walk to or from work (example:charles leblanc)I wish you the best of luck in the future.


  2. Democracy works on information and transparency.

    It is curious that those people who criticize open government also hide behind their anonymous comments.

  3. @Anonymous: It's probably better than the political sleazebags you hang out with.

  4. Likely the Irvings buddies at the D.N.R. aren't allowed giving comments to local media not completely controlled by their company. I wouldn't take it personally, probably just policy :3