Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Real Bloggers of Freddy Beach: Outfoxed by Alward, Linke fills us in and protesters comment

- video courtesy of Charles LeBlanc


  1. im confused,i thought you only covered shale gas protest.now you say you were covering a court case,are you brodening your horizons?Please correct the lady that called alward a asshole cause he is a religious asshole,but dont tell charles cause alward is charles hero.

    J.A.G 4 shale gas in New Brunswick

  2. J.A.G:

    Please see the next post below this. It pertains to the shale gas issue.

  3. Ok i saw that Mr.Nash was in court,but really a thief is still a thief even if he stole for a cause like being against shale gas.Im against being charged a membership fee at cosco,but does that give a right to steal from them or damage their property?