Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Protesters still at Centennial Building - Week 7

The number of anti-shale gas protesters at the weekly Centennial Building demonstration has remained consistent at upwards of 50 people for the past few weeks. Coming and going over the course of the four-hour protest are students, politicians, working people, mothers, grandmothers, First Nations members and retirees. The weather, so far, has remained fairly friendly to the protesters, but with the first day of fall tomorrow, and the coming winter months, it remains to be seen if this core of 50 will stick it out when the going gets cold.

"The Premier is in." 

Posters were taped up around the Centennial Building referring to Fredericton City Council on it's prevention of city water from contamination by shale gas drilling. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

 Homeowners with their own well were at the protest registering their concerns about the possibility of well damage from future shale gas drilling. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

 Homeowners with their own well were at the protest registering their concerns about the possibility of well damage from future shale gas drilling. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Liberal Opposition leader Victor Boudreau, left, and Liberal MLA Bill Fraser, right, arrive at the Centennial Building protest to listen to citizen concerns about the shale gas industry in New Brunswick. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad) 

Looking into the future. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad) 

 A little music while they work; a new addition to the weekly Centennial Building demonstration in Fredericton. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad) 

There is an effort underway at the  UN to declare shale gas hydro-fracking as one of the crimes of ecocide around the globe. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Homeowner consent form for well water testing by water company. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

All that protesting works up an appetite. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)


  1. Ugottatakethegoodwiththebad22 September 2011 at 18:18

    The liberals are the ones who got this ball rolling on Fracking, pretty ironic that they even have the nerve to show up. Now that they are oppositon it's all too easy to be against it. At least Alward isn't hiding it who knows what the liberals would do again if they had another chance. Victor Boudreau still couldn't balance a budget if they fracked every well spot in the province. As far as i'm concerned the Liberals are to blame for the province's poor economic situation and now Alward has to find other means to make some of this money back, even though it's a poor one it's better then what the liberals did. There should be a full inquirery into the budgets the liberals passed and to think some of those same people who lost are thinking of running in office again WHAT A JOKE

  2. I'm confused. Is this an independent news blog or an anti-shale gas blog?

  3. 15:54,

    Yeah, you probably can't hold too many thoughts in your head to begin with so anything out of the norm would be a struggle for you. Imagine if you had to make a life-altering decision, your head would likely explode.

  4. The liberals and conservatives are almost completely identical. It's just a blue and red old boys club and we ain't invited..

    Time to get rid of both of them..

  5. 15:54,

    Take an honest look, the answer is obvious.

    Try not to let the abuse of posters like 17:26 make up your mind for you. They think being rude somehow helps their case - it's because they themselves have no tolerance for open-mindedness.

    The issue of shale gas is a complicated one for many of us. There are economic benefits which we we cannot discount, and there are environmental concerns which we feel must be addressed seriously. Others are not prepared to reason through these things. Make up your own mind. This blog strongly features one perspective, and it is a perspective worth considering - it's just not the only perspective.

  6. Anonymous 19:15, are you reading the same blog we are?

    I see both sides well represented, especially when the government and industry people make themselves available to the public.

    Perhaps you should direct your criticism toward David Alward's government.