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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Not all water aquifers in province mapped; vulnerable to damage

Environmental technicians from the Environment department admitted recently to Friends of UNB Woodlot member Mark D'Arcy that the province's watershed aquifers haven't been adequately mapped. There is worry on the part of D'Arcy's group that without knowing where all the natural aquifers lay, safe drinking water could be jeopardized should shale gas drilling take place.

"Three technicians from the Environment department told me there isn't adequate aquifer mapping in the province. So if we don't know where they [aquifers] all are, we need to find out before shale gas drilling starts," said D'Arcy.

In a call to Mark Anderson, supervisor of operations in New Brunswick for Geokinetics, a seismic testing firm contracted by SWN Resources, D'Arcy said Anderson told him the company has aquifer maps to guide workers doing testing, but not for the province's central area where Fredericton is located.

"He said they have aquifer maps but not for central New Brunswick; there are none," said D'Arcy.

This publication contacted the Environment department's water protection group for comment, however, there has been no response as of this afternoon.

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