Letters to the Editor

Friday, 9 September 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Off for the weekend to visit our father for his birthday. He's from the old school our dad; can fix anything from plumbing to electrical although he's had no training, never throws anything out, built the house we grew up in with his own hands, can spy a partridge at 50 paces up in the trees, yank a salmon out of the river after everyone else has gone home, grow a garden, construct a camp at age 72 by himself, is self-taught through books on a wide variety of topics and can clean the driveway out after a winter storm at almost 80. But he can never remember to mute those damn TV commercials - much to our mother's annoyance! In 1963 our father was electrocuted while doing his lineman job for NB Power. He died twice on the table, had severe burns and was in hospital for six months, getting addicted to morphine in that time. Doctors told him he wouldn't live as long as he has. But he's a stubborn guy our dad. He went back to work, was promoted through the ranks and retired after almost 35 years of service. He took care of us kids, providing everything we needed and never wanted for anything. We are so very lucky. Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. This is a touching tribute to a father. It is nice to hear people telling their family what often goes unsaid.