Letters to the Editor

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Former Premier Shawn Graham on shale gas issue in province

Former Premier Shawn Graham was at the market in Fredericton this morning picking up some corn with his wife Roxanne Reeves. We asked Graham for his comment on the shale gas issue in New Brunswick.


  1. Shawn looks handsome with a little age and a little grey. He should consider a come back.

  2. Yeah, bet he'd like to say something about the Alward government, but can't.

  3. His wife is so cute and petite.

  4. Yah, real cute. Does anyone have anything more substantial to comment on, particularly related to the shale gas industry in NB?

  5. There's not much about it to say. Interesting to have an 'unwritten rule' about former premiers not criticizing current premiers. In other words, the person with the most insight into the job who is probably more equipped to make criticism is politely refusing to do so.

    Also interesting since he is a 'member of the opposition' you'd think part of his paycheque would derive from doing exactly that and not getting paid to reference everything to Victor Boudreau and others.

    But since at least Alward is planning SOME 'new' regulations which his government didn't bother to implement, its pretty tough to criticize along those lines.

    But none of that is important because his wife is such a honey:)

  6. dont forget most contracts were initially signed when he was premier, and daddy has his hands in one the oil/gas companies here, which McShane should be in pic somewhere in there?...yes?