Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Calling for a rational debate

"We need a rational debate on the issue."

"People need to be informed."

"We are gathering information for New Brunswickers."

We here at The Purple Violet Press have heard these statements and similar others since we began covering this issue back in early June. From industry to government, to protesters and pundits in between, many are calling for a dialogue between those for and against the shale gas industry in New Brunswick. So, we ask, why hasn't it happened yet? When is it going to happen and who is willing to organize it? Most of all we ask, has the time for rational debate passed us by?


  1. Let's access the situation here:

    Minister Craig Leonard answers every question with "the shale gas industry is completely safe".

    Minister Bruce Northrup answers every question with "the licenses are legally binding and can't be reversed".

    And Premier David Alward and Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney answer every question with "the protesters are mis-informed and emotional".

    I think the government is going to run right off the cliff :)

  2. Are you guys going to talk about anything else? I thought this was about news in the province, why not talk about something people are concerned about?? jobs, healthcare, forestry sector. You know these shale protestors make me wonder what are they offering for the province for alternatives to shale gas. I mean almost all of the protestors do not work so how are they going to pay for hospital bills, roads they drive on to protest, putting there children in school. You may not want shale but you guys offer nothing in alternatives.