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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Waiting For Response

The Purple Violet Press has contacted Mayor Brad Woodside via Twitter for comment and reaction to yesterday's protest in the city, but as yet we have received no response.

UPDATE: We were contacted by Mayor Woodside who Tweeted the following: "I believe they were protesting against the Provincial Government. There are protests here quite often. I don't usually comment."
We replied to the mayor, pointing out how he had commented on the NB Power issue, which is what many are predicting shale gas is becoming, however, it was found the mayor had since "unfollowed" us after his reply and we couldn't contact him.

We also contacted the Premier via e-mail for comment on citizens wondering where conservative party representatives were yesterday. We await a reply.

Tom Alexander of SWN Resources has also been contacted through email, asking if the building opposition will deter SWN from operating in NB. We hope to hear from him as well.

Corridor Resources President and CEO, Phillip R. Knoll, was contacted via email. We also asked if the anti-shale gas lobby will affect Corridor operations in NB. We await the response.

We want to hear their comment and opinions for fair airing and will publish as soon as we are contacted.

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