Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

RCMP Not Helping SWN

RCMP Media Relations officer Cpl Yann Audoux told this publication today the RCMP detail seen in the areas where SWN seismic crews are operating have not been tasked to provide security for the workers. Cpl Audoux said they are there for issues of public safety and to keep roads open.

"After last week's blockade the RCMP is working to keep roads open and ensure public safety...it's illegal to block a public highway," he said. 

This publication contacted the RCMP when some readers mentioned they saw RCMP cruisers near where SWN seismic crews were operating in the Durham area. They wondered why a publicly funded law enforcement institution was helping protect these crews when SWN had hired private security firm SECURITAS to oversee protection of seismic workers.

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  1. thank you i said the same thing last week if they are going to block the roads they should be arrested

    now my final words"frack baby frack"alward needs the $$$$$$$$money$$$$$$