Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Protester addresses damage and assault accusations


  1. Is this woman an official spokesman for the protesters?

  2. No. As stated in the video, the information provided is from her personal knowledge of the situation. Since this person has attended most anti-shale gas events, has done her research and made the effort to hear what members of her community have to say, we consider her a viable source of information for that point of view. There is no official spokesperson of the movement as yet that we're aware of.

  3. Concerned citizens came from several cities and towns to attend this weekly Thursday rally.

    There are no ringleaders (sorry Minister Blaney).


    There are no official spokesperson for the anti-shale gas movement.

    This is what democracy looks like - a grassroots movement using public engagement and social media.

    Mark D'Arcy
    Friends of the UNB Woodlot
    Fredericton, NB

  4. thank god for a strong breeze it killed the broken english. I think maybe i'll go to church sunday cause god works in mysterious ways,now if god would only send her a one way ticket back to where she came from..


  5. To JAG: immigrants are your saving grace sir/madam. You would be fracked out if not the girl with a broken English. For Northrup and Blaney it would be very convenient to get that one way ticket for her as she is disclosing the inconvenient truth. As for you, dear JAG: go and pray that she stays, as I doubt you have enough steam in you yourself to go out there and activelly defend your water.

  6. Hey JAG - where do your ancestors come from? Perhaps you and your racism ought to be shipped back there. Get out and leave New Brunswick to those who love NB and will fight for NB.

    By the way, not one of the gas companies are from NB either... if you're going to be racist you'd best be directing it at them too.

  7. I am a woman in this video. Question to J.A.G.: are you a native? If not (which I doubt you are) then you should buy a one way ticket with me as this isn't your country either...

  8. anonymous im for shale gas and i cant unsersatand how all these protesters can stand around screaming and holding picket signs.As for the woman with broken english and all other immigrants they are taking jobs from canadians who where born and raised here,not to mention the cost to keep them for the first after they arrive on canadian soil.By the way im male and all you protesters can go f&$# yourselfs or get a job.


  9. Informed Citizen26 August 2011 at 16:30

    How is your Grade 4 Education treating you? Please stay of here and let the adults have an intelligent banter. You take care and dont worry I have a good job and my taxes will keep supporting your lazy, raciest self. Actually id say all us protesters have jobs, or are retired. So dont worry at all, we are here to help you along, even if we dont want to.
    Informed NB

  10. to the woman in the video dont use the native b.s on me we bought and are still paying for this land,how many more years are they going through treaties in our face,just to get money from the federal government.If these treaties excist what the heck are they wrote on ,ROCK? cause paper and bark doesnt last the damn that long!As for the guy or female that called me racist,im not racist im speaking the truth


  11. J.A.G.: same woman that you would love to get onto the plane. I run my own business and employ people. Do you still want me out? I give work to your fellow "canadians". As for your love of shale gas: SWN would love to hear from you-they need backyards to wreck.

  12. to J.A.G.
    Just Another Gashole.
    I live in Canada for a reason, and we are open to people from all over this planet.We are free, and thats why we have so many opportunities here. We also don't have to walk for kilometers every day for clean water. We are rich in resources beyond our means and you are blind to them.
    We aren't doing this for some kind of person satisfaction.
    We are doing this for all you.
    All of you who can't understand that it's not about the money. The money will dry up with the Shale Gas in no time. That 10% of the income from the Shale that might actually come to NB will cover nowhere near what it will cost to help you or your family when you are sick with cancer from the poisons, or pave all the roads they are going to destroy.
    Are you personally being offered money? Is your person property being tested?
    What good is a home without a well? It ALL runs downstream.

    You are welcome to come talk to us any Thursday, and we will help educate you on what is really going on.

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